When I first started growing mushrooms, it wasn’t with aspirations of starting a business but just out of curiosity and fun. This is the best way to start out as it puts less pressure on your self as well as your wallet. Mushrooms can be grown at home provided theRead More →

For those with a burning desire to start a business, but lacking the funds, a mushroom business might be perfect for you. The startup expenses for a mushroom farm are minimal compared to many other businesses. If done on a small scale, it could even be done as a part-timeRead More →


Quality Spawn is one of the essentials for having a good crop of Mushrooms. It would be best if we could all produce our own spawn so that there would always be a guarantee in the quality that we use. Unfortunately, this is not always within the capacity of allRead More →


The goal of any mushroom farmer should be to grow lots of quality mushrooms with as little time and money as possible. The method used should be simple enough that agricultural workers with minimal experience should be able to execute it with ease. No matter which mushroom species is cultivated,Read More →