When I first started growing mushrooms, it wasn’t with aspirations of starting a business but just out of curiosity and fun. This is the best way to start out as it puts less pressure on your self as well as your wallet. Mushrooms can be grown at home provided theRead More →

Milky mushroom without casing

While the general growing principles of all mushrooms are same, some varieties of mushrooms such as Milky and Button mushrooms require the application of casing to develop fruiting bodies. It also prevents the mycelium from drying out and provides additional support and nutrition to the developing mushrooms. However, the needRead More →


Calocybe indica otherwise known as Milky mushroom is a tropical mushroom indigenous to India. It was first discovered in the forests of West Bengal and since then its commercial cultivation and consumption has been popularized in many parts of India. It is a mushroom best suited for a tropical climateRead More →