Anyone Can Grow Mushrooms!

“When it comes to comes to Mushrooms, you need to start small, go fast and Grow as you go”

With the world becoming less greener, becoming more polluted, facing food shortage and wide spread poverty, Mushrooms just might be the solution that can save the world. They are capable of breaking down agricultural wastes. They have more medicinal properties then is known to man. Furthermore, they are a rich source of nutrition for the malnourished, the diabetics or for those who just want to diet

MYKOPOINT is an effort to bring the virtues of mushrooms to everyone. We are a rich encyclopedia of knowledge as well as a community that foster those who would like to go into the mushroom business.

Our Story

MYKOPOINT was established in April, 2018 and is run by a group of experienced and enthusiastic volunteers. Our goal is to establish a vast knowledge base for Mushroom Cultivators and to extol the value and importance of Mushrooms to the world.

Furthermore, we constantly seek to encourage and promote the cultivation of mushrooms to as many people as we can. When we started this website, one of the things in mind was- To promote cultivation and awareness of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms from the Tropics Cancer to Capricorn.


Meet the Team


Devdas Shenoy

Founder & Editor in Chief

A Biotechnologist with a passion for growing and collecting Mushrooms. With an interest sparked during his early college days, Devdas is involved in various Mushroom cultivation and promotional activities spanning the last 11 years.


Bharat Kumar

Media Director

An experienced entrepreneur who has been in the Biotech and Mushroom industry for the past 15 years. Now currently semi-retired, he provides value guidance and mentorship to the Mykopoint team.


Wishing to learn more?

Explore the interesting articles of our website detailing the what, why and how of Mushrooms. Learn how to start a full fledged mushroom business or just find a fun new hobby.

Thanks for reading this! We’d love to have you join us and our community of  aspiring and existing Mushroom growers and entrepreneurs.

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