Quality Spawn is one of the essentials for having a good crop of Mushrooms. It would be best if we could all produce our own spawn so that there would always be a guarantee in the quality that we use. Unfortunately, this is not always within the capacity of all cultivators as setting-up a good spawn lab requires a size able investment. The only other alternative for such growers is to purchase their spawn from third-party providers. However, not all spawn is equal and sometimes, such providers cut corners and sell sub-standard spawn. You must always keep the following points in mind so as to avoid such spawn:

  1. Check the biological efficiency of the seed. For example, oyster mushrooms usually have BE of around 100-110%
  2. Try to get spawn from reputed providers that have a proven track record for quality and have been in the business for several years
  3. Check spawn for any discoloration or contamination. This should be visible in the form of different colored patches in the spawn bag.
  4. Check the manufacturing date and the generation no. of the spawn provided. Avoid any spawn older than one month and beyond generation 3.
  5. Ensure that the crops that the spawn yield are healthy with no unwanted characteristics like deformations in the cap or stem or diffused growth.
  6. Consult successful growers for where they obtain their spawn. Of course this is not easy, because you must at least be familiar with them first. Mushroom entrepreneurs who are successful will certainly not easily share their success recipes with people they do not know who might someday become their competitors.

If there are more useful tips that could be used, let me know in the comments below.

In addition to knowing the types of mushrooms and how to choose quality seeds, you also need to understand about the effects of different substrates. There are several types that can be used as substrate that yield varying results. Some of these ingredients are mixed together in different compositions that suits the nutritional needs of the mushrooms.

For further references on the subject, you can read this article (Coming Soon).

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