An International Conference, the first of its kind dedicated almost completely to lignicolous mushrooms definitely a notable event for 2018. The WoodFungi Conference will be held from June 3-6, 2018 at Handelsbeurs Concertzaal, Ghent, Belgium. The highlight would be talks given by 23 different leading figures in the Mushroom industry.Read More →


Calocybe indica otherwise known as Milky mushroom is a tropical mushroom indigenous to India. It was first discovered in the forests of West Bengal and since then its commercial cultivation and consumption has been popularized in many parts of India. It is a mushroom best suited for a tropical climateRead More →


Mushroom cultivation at its core is the process of mimicking the mushrooms natural growing conditions. The closer these conditions are copied, the better the crop. Whether you attempt to cultivate them indoors or outdoors, all mushrooms require 4 key requirements to grow. 1.Food Source (Substrate) Each variety of mushroom hasRead More →


The goal of any mushroom farmer should be to grow lots of quality mushrooms with as little time and money as possible. The method used should be simple enough that agricultural workers with minimal experience should be able to execute it with ease. No matter which mushroom species is cultivated,Read More →